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We want you to relive your day

to be able to watch yourself walking down the aisle, to hear your vows again and remember what that 1st kiss felt like. To laugh at those same speeches & watch that 1st dance.  

That's our aim  and we work quietly & consistently in the background to film all the important things that happen during your wedding day - both big and small so that whenever and wherever you want - you can relive the day.   



The team at Relive The Day have filmed almost 400 weddings over the last 15 years - that experience means we know how to cope with every eventuality, working quietly & efficiently behind the scenes to ensure you are presented with memories you will treasure forever  


Relive The Day is part of Perbenyik Prouctions, a full time professional video production company based on the Central Coast. Our continuous investment in the latest video & audio equipment ensures your wedding day is captured in the highest possible quality.


We take pride in the fact that we don't intefere in your day, we are there to document, not participate.  We don't pose, prompt or direct you in any way. Our aim is to remain unseen and yet capture all the important events that make up your wedding day. 


To be open & transparent in all our dealings with you

giving you absolute confidence in our ability to do the job.

capturing all the important aspects of the day with a minimium of fuss & interference.

To work as part a team with the photographer & other suppliers

to ensure your days goes as smoothly as possible

in whatever format you wish that you can watch & cherish forever.

Relive The Day is based on the Central Coast of NSW but we're happy to travel to wherever you are